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Colt48 Borderline Review 21/3/18

"The music is mainly Nu-Metal and Heavy Rock with powerful riffs, but with good melodies and it wasn’t long before the crowd were singing along. Not only are they headlining and selling out a major London venue, but are beginning to build a loyal fan base, and this could be the sign that Colt48 are on the way up. They supported Puddle of Mudd at the Garage last year and have opened for Crazy Town, Foxxy and Trapt. They play the songs from their new and previous EP’s, the catchy ‘Hate Hate Relationship’ and ‘The Fire’ being my favourites. The set was given a brief respite with the acoustic ‘Start Again’ which when finished, re-emphasises the power of the rest of the set list. I’ve followed Colt48 from their origins of the previous band, ‘48 Hours’, and it was great to see the previous band member Gary jump onto the stage to sing backing vocals for the encore."

Read the whole of Chris Bourlet's Colt48 (Video Of The Day) review from last Friday's gig at London's The Borderline here.


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