Collateral Black Heart Review 10/2/19

"Their recent ‘4 Shots’ EP, that has brought them recent acclaim, got its first airing, appropriately at song four, with the opener ‘Going With The Wind’ - in my opinion the best track off the EP. ‘Just Waiting For You’ dropped a couple of songs later, again to great applause from an appreciative audience. Three new songs ‘Promise Land’, ’Merry Go Round’ and ’Lullaby’ followed, which are set to be featured on their forthcoming album, with the former having that stand out anthem feel about it. All sounding very promising!"

Read the whole of Geoff C's Collateral, The Black Heart, Camden, London, gig review from last Thursday here plus check out Richard Bolwell's Photo Gallery here and today's Video Of The Day - their recent radio remix of their single 'Midnight Queen'.