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Cobra Put A Spell On You 24/11/23

Founded in 2019 by up-and-coming guitar phenomenon, Sonia Anubis (ex-Burning Witches), international Sleaze Rock quintet Cobra Spell strike with their debut album, '666', out next Friday 1st December via Napalm Records, consisting of a dozen 80s Metallic Rock tracks including today's Video Of The Day of 'The Devil Inside Of Me'. Completed by Kristina Vega on vocals, Twitch Streamer Noelle dos Anjos on guitar, Hale Naphtha on drums and Roxy Herrera on bass, their debut is a smoking hot attack, and now with these aces under their studded leather belts, these fierce ladies are taking no prisoners, aiming for nothing less than Rock ‘n’ Roll world domination.


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