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Coast Of Gold 14/4/18

Their home town of Hyvinkää is better known as Finland’s hotbed of black Metal. Something of a deviation from the norm, power Metal gunners Thaurorod have one by one felled every obstacle in their way, including a revolving door of members in their formative years. The trio of founders however; Pasi Tanskanen, Joonas Pykälä-aho and Emil Pohjalainen have stuck together through thick and thin. 'Coast Of Gold', their new album, which was released in February this year, takes you seaborne and to lands unknown with unforgettable power Metal shanties such as 'Power' that blows the wax out of your ears like a sea breeze and tickles the sweet spot of your melodic sensibilities, the impossibly catchy 'Cannibal Island' and the inimitable title track (today's Track Of The Day) that will linger in your ears for days on end.

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