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Click On Me Day 19/9/20

Los Angeles, California, The City of Angels... cross-genre Rock ‘n’ Roller Derek Day is emerging from the creative cauldron of quarantine with a timely, provocative new single, 'Click On Me', now available on all digital platforms, and it's accompanied by a very current and apt 3D animated Video Of The Day. The guitar virtuoso is also joined by venerable Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid, whose eclectic career blending everything from Punk to Funk is a natural complement to Day’s own encompassing signature sound, driven by a wide variety of influences, including Classic Rock, R&B, Soul, Funk and Pop. The track is the result of a collaborative process between Day and Reid which began in 2018, with Vernon co-writing, producing and arranging the track, complemented by Derek's lyrics, a thoughtful meditation on themes of loneliness, desire and artifice, in how people present themselves in the crafting of their online identities. In a final bit of thematic synchronicity, the release will be celebrated with a socially distanced virtual live show streaming on Facebook Live which will be announced via social media in an apt twist.


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