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Class Act 22/6/17

And on the subject of bumping into Guns 'N Roses fans (see our Stone Free Festival review here and our Vid Of The Day) on the Jubilee Line after SFF - it was good to hear from our WRC mate Rob who indeed attended their gig that night at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. "My two penneth on Gun 'N Roses on Saturday night? In just less than 3 hours, a solid 5 star performance of their back catalogue - even threw in an AC/DC track for the loss of Axl's dog Rosie! Hard to think of a better live show I have been to. Class act, they nailed it." And talking off class act's - Rob also wanted to thank thank all the very helpful staff at the stadium who assisted his disabled wife Jill, who attended her very first Rock concert that night. Rob added "Good band to start with in her sixth decade - I think we've got a convert!" Nice one Rob - hope to see you at Ramblin' Man!

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