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Circus Maximus 1/9/16

"Havoc' emphasised the driving force of bass guitarist Møllen - who was literally massive in presence all night. And despite in some eyes the latest album being seen as a swing more towards Metal than Prog - this particular track kicked arse! And just to readdress the balance we were then taken back to title track '1st Chapter' and 'Glory' - a progtastic combination of the longest running songs from their very first album from May 2005 - honestly refreshing - and testament to their earlier incarnation and influences when they formed in 2000 gaining much credit for their versions of technically challenging tracks by top bands such as Dream Theater and Symphony X. Awesome. The question "Are you ready for love?" heralded 'Arrival Of Love' it's all-round 80's sound - with it's superb keys, guitar, vocals and harmonies - belying the fact that it was part of Isolate - recorded in August 2007. Mollen's bass opened the atmospheric newbie from 'Havoc' - 'Highest Bitter' - again with an Eastern edge - with Eriksen again excelling on vocals - one of the stand-out numbers of the night. And before we could catch our breath - the opening strains of the anthemic 'Architect Of Fortune' from 'Nine' rubbed our proverbial Prog noses in it - so perfectly constructed - with Eriksen conducting the Underworld faithful in a singalong - Haugen's guitar solo and the band's haunting close out providing the highlight of the night. Follow that!"

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