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Chasing Country 8/2/23

Today's latest Simply Country Podcast Of The Day features Chasing Twisters, Vanessa Bourne, The Gillies, Kelan Browne, Bobby Mackey, Alexis Taylor, Amy Ryan, Shelly Jones Band, Donna Fisk, Chelsea Evans, Michelle Murphy, Ciarán Rosney, Kerr Donnelly Band, Faith Julija, Liz Clarke Macfarlane and Darren Knight, Ryan Laird, Kaitie Wade, Hurricane Highway (pictured), Sabrina Kane, Sam Lowe, Sami Cooke, Tofte Family, Tenille Arts, The Taylor Brothers, Paul Jupe, Bedwyr Morgan, Piper Rodrigues, The County Affair, Glenn Levi and Nikki Mckay.


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