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Chasin' Me 11/8/19

Today's Video Of The Day is 'Chasin' Me' from US-Australian singer-songwriter Caroline Jones, one of Country's hottest rising stars, which was recently released in Australia and the UK on the Indie label Social Family Records. 'Chasin' Me' follows the release in June of her beautiful acoustic track, 'Country Girl' - a sequel to a track from her yet-to-be-released album 'Bare Feet'. The music video for 'Chasin’ Me' is a continuation of the storyline from 'The Difference' (out in Australia/UK later this year), which opens with a recap of the cross-country car chase that ignited a love story between Jones and co-star Cody Walker, as its tone transitions from a fast-paced Pop-Country rhythm into a slower, wistful sound. Jones’ guarded walls begin to come away as her persistent suitor follows her through Utah’s Zion National Park and ultimately to the coastal surf-town of Big Sur.


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