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Chantel McGregor + Half Moon Panic Review 1/4/23

"Suffice to say after yet another mesmerising performance from this delightful, diminutive Bluestress, we will continue our six-month pilgrimage on Friday 8th September at her more familiar London surroundings of Oxford Street's The 100 Club. Just make sure that you join us!"

Our half-yearly pilgrimage to see the wonderful, diminutive Bluestress, Chantel McGregor, took us to London's iconic The Half Moon in Putney on Wednesday night, surprisingly a first for Chantel as we later found out, although the bonus ball was the support of the aptly named Half Moon Panic, who we saw supporting Laurence Jones in Sevenoaks at the end of January, so not only check out today AJ's complete review, but also Chris Griffith's awesome photos plus McGregor's spellbinding, 'Anaesthetise' Video Of The Day, filmed on the night.


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