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Celtic Outlaws Burned Alive 13/11/20

Today's gritty Video Of The Day is the new single, 'Burned Alive', from Canada’s Death Country Outfit Johnny Nocash and The Celtic Outlaws, a Heavy Hard Rock song with some dusty western elements scattered throughout the leads. Consisting of Memphis Raines - lead guitar, Johnny Nocash – vocals/ guitar, Cory Hofing - drums and LC Jay – bass, they are a one of a kind band that fuses Country and Rock, sodden with whisky and beer to create an organic, original sound that will appeal to a broad range of listeners. The video is a straightforward look at who the band is, that embodies their primal Death Country sound while knocking back a few drinks to loosen up the ol’ neck collar. Indeed, until 2016, Johnny had originally started out as an emotionally driven acoustic Punk solo artist, but then decided it was time to expand the band and open up to adding musicians to his arsenal!

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