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Celebration Decay 27/7/20

Seminal US Bay Area Melodic Power Metal band Vicious Rumors are set to unleash their searing new studio album ‘Celebration Decay’ on Friday 21st August, and in advance they have already released earlier this month their first single from the album, ‘Death Eternal’, to be followed by their second single, ‘Pulse Of The Dead', on Friday 7th August. It's the follow-up to 2016’s highly acclaimed ‘Concussion Protocol’, and ‘Celebration Decay’ is the band's lucky thirteenth studio album - an even more more accomplished successor, which packs an even harder musical punch. Originally when they set off on tour in 2018, Vicious Rumors mastermind Geoff Thorpe, long-standing drummer Larry Howe, new vocalist Nick Courtney plus new guitarist Gunnar Dügrey had only planned twenty concerts to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their 1988 classic ‘Digital Dictator! As they say, the rest is history, as Vicious Rumors march on, including a three part mini documentary on the making of ‘Celebration Decay', the first episode of which was aired at the end of last month.

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