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Carousel Of Progress 12/3/18

"Brossard's harmonica intro on the rockin' 'Well, Alright' immediately saw the nucleus of the band, namely New Jersey son Jansen Press and Gibson Guitars endorsed Parisian Vincent Martinez duelling guitars go into overdrive - with an amazing Rock voice to match from Martinez. And there was 'No More Hesitatin' as they went straight into this stand-out from 'RORAR' with its killer riff and more Lizzy-like guitar harmonies, living up to their bad reputation, despite no live keys, as "the best music you haven’t heard yet but already love", before the break-neck opening concluded with the heavier and faster paced 'Get It On'. Ooh La La - as the bandana/goggled wearing Press changed his guitar and announced that "It was good to back in London again" before the beat of the diminutive but colossal Montout's drum saw everyone clapping along to the harmonies and rallying call of of 'RORAR's title track - evidence - if you needed it - that these guys play Rock and Roll with a smile on their faces - purely out of a shared love for the classic Rock music they revel in and play so well."

Read the whole of AJ's Carousel Vertigo review from last Friday's gig at London's The Water Rats here plus check out our Photo Gallery here.

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