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Can You Hear The Thunder? 20/2/16

"Perfectly positioned to the left of the stage they kicked off with ‘Dirty Love’ (what a great opener) and proceeded to reel off the ‘The Best Of Thunder 1989 – 1995’ which coincidentally is the name of their new CD due to be released on 17th July. Funny that - but no complaints from us as they blasted through their short set with their usual explosive mix of Rock such as ‘Wonder Days’ and ‘Backstreet Symphony’ plus their signature ballad ‘Love Walked In’. ‘I Love You More Than Rock ‘N’ Roll’ was a classic finale but left you wanting more. And that was it." That was AJ's taken on Thunder when they supported ZZ Top at Wembley Arena last year. This time Thunder are the top dogs at Wembley tonight as they are supported by the awesome King King. Anyway, check out our High Voltage Vid Of The Day and watch out for a few WRC faces at the gig tonight!


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