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Camden Rocks - Hollowstar 27/5/18

With just six days to go, our Camden Rocks Festival countdown continues with Hollowstar who are appearing at The Dev at 7pm next Saturday 2nd June. In fact the Cambridgeshire-based Rock band released their new single “'All I Gotta Say”' (Video Of The Day) on Friday, and it's easy to see how they take inspiration from Blackstone Cherry, Thunder and Slash; influences that are evident in the music they create. To coincide with the new single, Hollowstar have also unveiled a slew of tour dates throughout the country, joining the Graham Bonnet Band for four shows in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Louth and Newcastle as part of his UK and Ireland 2018 tour from 9th-12th August. The lads will also be making an appearance at the Wildfire Festival on Sunday 24th June, before joining Dan Reed Network and King King at the Cambridge Rock Festival, running from 26th-29th July.

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