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Camden Rocks - Colt 48 28/5/18

Just over two months since we reviewed them at The Borderline (pictured) - Colt 48 return to London this Saturday 2nd June as we continue our Camden Rocks Festival countdown. Due to be on the Electric Ballroom stage at 2pm, the dynamic duo of lead singer/guitarist Adam Jerome and vocalist/drummer Matt Savini supported Puddle of Mudd at the Garage last year and have opened for Crazy Town, Foxxy and Trapt. Indeed their Nu-Metal and Heavy Rock sound with powerful riffs and good melodies comes across loud and clear on their latest EP 'II'. Three tracks that demonstrate their versatility: the building/alternatively paced headbanger 'Never Let You Live It Down', the dark and light of 'The Fire' plus the Nu-Metal lite anthemic arena sound of 'Out Of Habit' (Video Of The Day) - think Puddle Of Mudd collides with Creed. Do not miss them.

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