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Cahors Blues 29/7/18

"Groovy backing vocals then heralded Freddie KIng's 'Boogie Man' - a delightful, slower, gentler, version of his single from 'MOTR' - and an opportunity not only to appreciate Eric's evident vocal quality but another intense guitar solo that resulted in Eric's trademark baseball cap falling off! 'Boogie Man' was followed by 'Boogie Funk' - Raw Dawg once again nailing his impeccable credentials to the mast on his upside-down right-handed guitar before a perfect execution of Buddy Guy's delicious 'Baby Please Don't Leave Me' including our first real sniff of Hendrix with a snippet of 'Purple Haze'. That was part of our take the last time we saw Eric GalesRockin' The Blues at London's Garage in March (pictured) - and we're indebted to our Swiss correspondent Marlenr Rivet who caught Eric performing with Paul Deslauriers this month at the Cahors Blues Festival - today's Video Of The Day.

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