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Cadaveria's Matryoshcada 29/11/20

Black/Gothic Metal band Cadaveria have just released their new single, and today's Track Of The Day, 'Matryoshcada', on all digital platforms. Recorded and mixed at MusicArt Studio and Rrooaarr Sound this September, the band feature Cadaveria herself on vocals, Kris Laurent (guitar), Pier Gonella (guitar), Peter Dayton (bass) and Marçelo Santos (drums). Indeed, the Italian musician is famous for being one of the first women to enter the extreme Metal scene in the early 1990's, as former vocalist and keyboard player of the Symphonic Black Metal band Opera IX. Poignantly, she also dedicated the video "to all the Metalheads who have been close to me during my illness. It is also an opportunity for everybody to say goodbye to the "previous me" and welcome the creature that I have become."

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