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Burning Away The Day 23/2/17

Chicago based Metallers Black Sites brand new single 'Burning Away The Day', taken from their recently released debut album 'In Monochrome', is today's Track Of The Day. Black Sites features some of Chicago’s finest players from the underground Metal scene. The band features Mark Sugar on vocals/guitar, ex-Trials bandmate Ryan Bruchert on guitar, John Picillo from Without Waves and Immortal Bird on bass and Chris Avgerin from Nequient and Autonomy on drums. The four-piece band draws inspiration from a panoramic pedigree of classic and modern Metal and Hard rock influences including Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, 1970's Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Fates Warning, Motörhead, Queensrÿche, Voivod, Hammers Of Misfortune and Dawnbringer.


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