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Burghley House Via Sidcup & Eltham! 6 June 2015

Just down the road from The Iron Horse, Sidcup - where our friends Walkway recently performed - at the junction of Westmount Road, Eltham - was the Welcome Inn, which burnt down in 2006 and is now a block of flats. This was also the place where a certain Status Quo first performed with Rick Parfitt in 1967. Consequently a Music Heritage Plaque from the Performing Rights Society was unveiled at the former venue in 2010. Both Francis Rossi and Parfitt attended the ceremony (pictured) with Rossi revealing that at that gig they supported the band which eventually became Deep Purple! Ironically both bands cross paths again when Walkway support Quo (our Vid Of The Day from Christmas 2011) at Burghley House tonight!

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