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Bryant & Hill's Academy Tonite! 9/5/18

"Indeed the opening salvo to this power ballad is very much Bonamassa territory - with its perfect fusion of guitar and keys, driven splendidly by Raeburn on drums, which builds into a killer track that climaxes with Bryant's Skynyrd/Freebird like guitar outro. A fitting way to end 'Revelation', although, given Bryant's well publicised demons, this album isn't a 'downbeat' durge. As expected, it's packed with passion and energy - and is an impressive display of Danny's Blues/Rock prowess as both a singer and guitarist. Dedicated to his father, 'Revelation' is something which, no doubt, his Dad Ken would have been proud of." That was part of our take on Danny Bryant's latest album 'Revelation' and Danny, who is on stage at around 9pm, is joined by special guest Steve Hill (8pm) at London's O2 Academy Islington tonight. Also check out today's Route 66 - One For The Road - Track Of The Day - where Rory Auskerry interview's one man power trio Hill!


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