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Broken Kings 18/9/20

Progressive Rockers The Flower Kings have released their first single, 'Broken', (today's Video Of The Day) from their upcoming new double album, 'Islands', due for release on Friday 30th October via InsideOutMusic, just a year after the group’s much celebrated 'Waiting For Miracles'. The 92 minute long opus features artwork by Yeslegend Roger Dean plus all trademark sounds and melodies, that Roine Stolt - vocals, ukulele, guitars, additional keyboards, Hasse Fröberg - vocals & acoustic guitar, Jonas Reingold - bass, acoustic guitar, Zach Kamins - pianos, organ, synthesisers, mellotron, orchestrations, Mirko DeMaio - drums, percussion and guest Rob Townsend - soprano saxophone, are renowned for. From vintage keys to epic guitar solos, from odd drum patterns to symphonic elements, The Flower Kings present a dynamic and complex record that is bold, bombastic and beautiful.

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