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Brocarde's Last Supper 18/3/19

Brocarde is an incomparable British songstress with a singular vision. She first tasted success as a jewellery designer when her brand of unusual, alternative accessories exploded into the mainstream. But then she became disillusioned with celebrity culture and, after destroying her famous creation, set off to Los Angeles to write and record her debut album. ‘Last Supper’, the incendiary first single from the album, set for release on Good Friday 19th April, begs the listener to question their relationship with celebrity culture, social media and loved ones and asks the all-important question “What will you consume at your last supper?" Indeed, 'Last Supper’, is the first hard hitting song she wrote when she got to Los Angeles, and is a song which won’t get out of your head once it has wormed its way in, let alone a perfect introduction to Brocarde’s inspirational, arresting, matchless musical concoction.

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