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Brian Tatler Interview 9/10/21

"What about the legend that is Tatler though? Well there's no doubting his enthusiasm as he hi-fived us down the front on the title track of two consecutive numbers from their 1980 debut album 'Lightening To The Nations', followed by 'The Prince', which demonstrated the early influence of Punk on Tatler's music - with the audience once again joining in or echoing Born Andersen on the chorus lines as they did with a few "wooooooaaaaah's" on the quieter, more sedate opening to 'The Heat Of The Night', another from 'Borrowed Time', before Tatler duly ratchet it up a gear with another awesome heavy guitar solo, although Rasmus was on the money for singling out Wilcox for praise at the end, for his unerring drumming." That was part of our take on Diamond Head's gig at London's O2 Academy Islington in December 2017, and we had the pleasure of interviewing all-round nice guy Brian Tatler prior to the gig, which is today's Podcast Of The Day.


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