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Breakin Outta Hell 29/11/16

"Airbourne certainly raised the energy levels though with crowd pleasers such as ‘Live It Up’, ‘Running Wild’ and new song ‘Breakin Outta Hell’ from the album of the same name to be released in September. Joel O'Keefe's bashing of cheap cans of lager on his head, his regular rig climb up and down and crowd invasion during ‘Girls In Black’ went down well too. It would be easy to be cynical about Airbourne. Yes it is unashamedly gruff and primal Rock'n'Roll, but it is the ageless and tireless uniformity of the band's approach that makes this an honest and brazen delight. Huge, macho riffs collide with gleefully lobotomised tales of booze, chicks and the noble art of kicking ass always come with a giant, instantly memorable chorus attached. Let there be more rock, basically. Perfect festival performers...!"

That was our take on Airbourne (pictured) at this year's Ramblin Man and we are off to see them at Camden's Electric Ballroom tonight supported by the mighty Crobot!


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