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Brain Stem Interview 30/3/20

Today's Track Of The Day features Brain Stem on The Zach Moonshine Show talking about and playing brand new tracks from their new conceptual EP 'Symptoms of Annihilation - Stage 2'. Consisting of Logan Magnuson - guitar, Alex Mcintosh - drums, Brad Fife - bass and Jessy Leduc - vocals, the band is an outstanding example of what experimental Death Metal has to offer, and the EP is the second chapter of a journey that began with 2018's 'Symptoms of Annihilation - Stage 1'. Established in 2016, Brain Stem isn't the easiest to define with an exact subgenre. Noted to be groovy at times, but also technical when needs be, they've made sure that their sound is not limited by one train of thought, molding Metal the way they see fit.


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