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Bottom's Up 18/1/17

"The Bottom Line’s strong stage presence had been evident from the moment they entered the stage, partly due to the improved, stronger lighting, partly due to the band’s obvious professionalism, but primarily due to the charisma and self-belief of front man Callum Amies. Callum is an expert at relating to and working his audience. Helped by the band’s melody bound riffs, rampant rhythms and the instant catchiness of their songs, he soon has them clapping, bouncing, dabbing and even, at one stage, crowd surfing, at will. The only time for a break in the perpetual motion generated by the set is when Callum is left alone on stage for a (slightly) quieter, (slightly) slower solo. But not for long; within minutes the rest of the band return for a fabulous finale and all hell broke loose again - on stage and off it!"

Read the rest of our first review of 2017 from Big Ian here - last Thursday's The Bottom Line gig at the Camden Assembly - plus check out our photo gallery here.


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