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Born Healer 100 Up Tonight! 22/1/19

"As expected their forty minute setlist would draw completely on their new album as they opened with the titfer wearing Funkas' cool bassline on 'River' and immediately the Red Lion punters were, ahem, hooked. 'Trust Yourself' with Turner's 'Joplinesque' groovy, gravelly voice and tangible stage presence, was a great foot stomping romp with a great riff from Black. Taj Mahal's 'Leaving Trunk' grooved and rocked in true 60's/70's style whilst 'Brand New Day' emphasised the tightness of a band excelling in all the right places." Was it really over two years ago that Born Healer well and truly kicked off BluesRockFest in late September 2016 (pictured)? Tonight the band return to London's iconic 100 Club for Tuesday Blues sandwiched in between headliners Crow Black Chicken and Vincent Flatts Final Drive.

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