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Borderline Photo Gallery 26/2/19

Ariel Posen of Brothers Landreth fame, released his much anticipated debut album, 'How Long' last month and is currently undertaking his first major headline tour of the UK this month including London's Borderline last Sunday night. 'How Long' showcases not only the Canadian's chops as an instrumentalist, but also his talents as a diverse songwriter, too. The record casts a wide net, moving from rootsy Blues to R&B to Melodic Rock & Roll. A co-writer and producer for artists of all genres, Posen shows the full range of his talents on all 10 tracks, however, 'How Long' is not a guitar record, although there's certainly plenty of guitar to be heard. Instead, it's a song record, filled with hooks, autobiographical lyrics and Posen's compelling voice. With a review to come, check out our Photo Gallery from the gig here including support Katy Hurt (pictured).

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