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Borderline Coming Up Roses 13/5/19

After an intense touring schedule over the last few years, The New Roses will be back in the UK this year when they play the London Borderline on Thursday 28th November, as part of their ‘Nothing But Wild' Tour. The German band are the epitome of ‘Blue Collar Working Class Rock ’n’ Roll Music’, which is represented in their lyrics and manifests itself in an incredible connection to their fans. The unique sound was created through several diverse influences from Classic and Hard Rock, Country and Blues, which makes them the premier stadium Rock ’n’ Roll band out there. Their two albums ‘Dead Man’s Voice’ (2016) and ‘One More For The Road’ (2017) received international praise and today's Video Of The Day - ‘Without a Trace’ - was picked for the soundtrack of US TV series ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ plus the series’ trailer campaign in Germany.


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