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BluesRockfest Review - The Troy Redfern Band 9 July 2015

"From the off with new song ‘Outta Time and Luck’ they told us just what to expect as the tight rhythm pounded out from the stage and they slid from that straight into ‘The Other Side’. Word has obviously spread about their live show and the room filled as they brought the tempo down to introduce a highlight of any set with ‘Salvation’. While the tempo dropped this allowed the audience to appreciate Troy’s assured vocals and a lengthy demonstration of just how to use a slide. Boogie this band do but as Troy’s trademark slide took centre stage the audience knew they were witnessing something a bit special To see the band then paying homage to their roots with ‘John The Revelator’ got everyone on their side and the call and response spread to the audience - not a baying crowd for sure but on a sultry sunny afternoon it was some achievement to get the crowd singing along."

Read the rest of Mr. 'Blues On The Radio' Richard Dunning's BluesRockfest Troy Redfern Band review here.

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