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BluesRockFest Countdown 17/8/16

It's now just 39 days and counting to this year's BluesRockFest at Leo's Red Lion, Gravesend, on Saturday 24th September. Today we not only focus on Born Healer who we introduced you to in June 2015 - but we also turn our attention to Born Healer's sponsor - The Blackfen TRADER! The launch of the Blackfen TRADER just under twenty three years ago not only gave the opportunity to feed the passion of two lifelong friends to cut their teeth in music journalism, reviewing local gigs, particularly at The Woodman in Blackfen, Kent, in their monthly ‘Caught Live’ column - but it has also banged the drum for both local small businesses and its local community. And just a reminder that if you become a WRC member here for FREE - you not only get all the associated privileges of being a member - but you can also still buy your BluesRockFest ticket for £15 instead of £20!