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BluesFest 2013 Memories - Larry Miller 12 June 2015

We're grateful to WRC member Keith Baxter for this take on Larry Miller's recent gig in Kinross. "An ardent bunch of hardened Larry Miller fans witnessed him in all his glory. His vocal meanderings between songs only served to give us a heartfelt sense of belonging. Ranging from full on Blues rockers to quiet emotional songs, we the audience were privy to impassioned playing by a man unparalled in his field. Quite how he does it is an absolute mystery as it appears to pour out from his very soul. So we came away priveliged to have seen such a professional at the very top of his game." Nice one Keith - we pretty much had the exact same feeling after Larry headlined BluesFest 2013. And we make no apologies for Larry's opener once again being our Vid Of The Day!

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