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Blues Pills Review 9/11/16

"The keyboard intro on 'Lady In Gold' - the first and title track from their new CD - not only demonstrated a natural progression and welcome addition to Blues Pills arsenal, but also threw in an ingredient of soul as well as an immediate opportunity for Sorriaux to get in some early guitar chops and for Elin to demonstrate her vocal power and range. Despite the fact that the PA went down for about a minute on the second track from 'LIG' 'Little Boy Preacher' - Blues Pills prayers were answered as they manfully soldiered on thanks to Sorriaux's penetrating guitar riff and Kvarnström pounding drumming. Kvarnström's drum intro heralded the third track from the new album 'Bad Talkers' which showcased the rapport of Larsson's soulful voice and the 70's feel of Sorriaux's guitar, before melting into a fourth straight track from their new album - the groovy and upbeat 'Won't Go Back' - further reaffirming Blues Pills confidence in their new release. Former single 'Black Smoke' took us back to that wet July day last year - taken from their self titled debut album - the appeal of Sorriaux's weaving guitar still as hypnotising tonight as it was then."

Read the rest of AJ's's Blues Pills review from last Sunday's London Koko gig here plus go to our photo gallery here.

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