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Blues Pills At Koko Tonite! 6/11/16

"However, everyone was in agreement that our first port of call would be the Classic Rock Stage to see Swedish rock band Blues Pills, featuring Zack Anderson (bass), André Kvarnström (drums), vocalist Elin Larsson and guitarist Dorian Sorriaux. Their 35 minute set kicked off with former single ‘High Class Woman’ – a former WRC Vid Of The Day – the power and range of Elin’s voice evident all throughout the set - the perfect foil for Dorian’s mix of Psychedelic, Blues and Hard Rock – transporting us back to the halcyon ‘70’s. Appropriately these guys have been on the Nuclear Blast label since 2013 and their set list included five more tracks: ‘Ain’t No Chance’, ‘No Hope Left For Me’, ‘Elements And Things’, ‘Little Sun’ and finished with another former single ‘Black Smoke’. The crowd had almost forgotten about the rain and wanted more. So many stages – so little time – but a very promising start to the day."

That was AJ's take on Blues Pills at Ramblin' Man last year and we're off to see them again tonight at London's Koko. Watch out for a Vid Of The Day, pics and a review over the coming days!


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