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Blues Bash Appetiser! 9/2/16

Tonight's Blues On The Radio show here at 5pm focuses on the up coming Broadstairs Blues Bash topped up by the IBBA albums of the month and some live music that's imminent. Therefore you'll be likely to hear Troy Redfern, Salvation Jayne, Rebecca Downes, King Size Slim, The Grimms, Katie Bradley, Malaya Blue, Guy Tortora, Catfish, Martin McNeill, Michael Messer's Mitra, The Laura Holland Band, Fran McGillivray Band, The Rainbreakers, Mike Brookfield (pictured), Dove and Boweevil, Chris Bevington, Richard Townend, Northsyde, Jack J Hutchinson, Joel Fisk & The Breakdown, BabaJack, Jamie Williams & the Roots Collective and Dave Ferra. And here's the good news - with that lot to fit in there won't be a lot of chatting from host Richard Dunning! If you like great music there'll be no place better.

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