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Bloody Masterminds 15/5/20

Hard Rockers Bloody Heels release their new album ‘Ignite The Sky’ on Friday 10th July, and their first single 'Criminal Masterminds', released at the end of last month, is today's Video Of The Day. The Latvians recently joined the rapidly expanding pool of young talent at the Frontiers label, and one listen to their 2017 debut album ’Through Mystery' will explain why the label simply had to sign them. With nods to the best of the Classic 80’s Hard Rock scene, but also bordering on Heavy Metal, the band is a delightful mix of catchy and driving Rock. With a great whisky-soaked voice, singer Vicky White provides the perfect accompaniment for the musical fire and brimstone that guitarist Harry Rivers, bassist Gunn Everett and drummer Gus Hawk rain down upon listeners to the band.

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