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Bloodstock Review 16/8/19

"Always one to find a positive, this meant that bands in Sophie's and the Hobgoblin tents suddenly had larger crowds to play to. With a hastily rearranged running order, Cradle of Filth were moved to Sunday but the main stage opened just in time to get Anthrax on in their slot and our American friends did not disappoint, with a blistering set that confirmed them as still up there with the great Metal bands of all time. Now to complete the day, came the band that had a lot of people moaning about: headliners Parkway Drive. Were they big enough? Could they pull it off as a headline act? Haters will always be haters and you can't please everyone and you never will. Parkway are not one of my personal favourites but I stayed around to see what they could do. In fairness it was an excellent set, Visually the best of the weekend and they literally set the stage alight, even with the wind issues they had a full ninety minute pyro set that must have removed their eyebrows, as the flames were blowing back towards the stage and they didn't skip a note. Although I personally don't know any Parkway songs, the 'show' was a treat for the eyes and maybe sent a message to those who doubted their inclusion and they certainly held their own."

Today read the whole of Tony Burgum's Bloodstock Catton Park Festival review from last weekend here.

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