Bloater Takes It To The LiMiTs Tonight 19/10/19

"There was just time for one encore, 'This Ain't Rufus', from the latest album, and if you closed your eyes you could just imagine Chuck Berry jumping around on the stage to this one, although when I opened them, my abiding memory was Paul Ronney's head poking out of the dressing room door with a drink in his hand! Once again, this literal larger than life performer had truly rocked the Blues, with his trademark dirty strat Roots and R&B, totally complemented by his humorous lyrics and banter. Yes, we were insanely happy!" That was part of our take on Big Boy Bloater & The LiMiTs at The Black Heart in Camden in September last year (pictured) and the big man returns to the same London venue tonight with support from The Bitter Pills (Track Of The Day).