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Bless Your Heart 18/7/20

The Allman Betts Band release their second full-length studio album entitled 'Bless Your Heart' on Friday 28th August via BMG, and their first single, 'Magnolia Road', was released last month on all DSP's, and is today's Video Of The Day. Indeed, the music video was exclusively premiered via The ABB official YouTube channel, with Devon Allman and Duane Betts joining in and chatting live with fans. The single is the tie-dyed contender for Summer favourite. A semi-autobiographical lyric shared by Betts and Allman, ironically this is the only song on the album with band collaborator Stoll Vaughan as its sole author. Vaughan wrote the song alone, though namechecking detailed parts of Betts’ and Allman’s life, respectively. Musically it evokes the group’s affection for The Band and the Grateful Dead.

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