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Bitter Better 28/6/20

Expanding on the boundaries of what an Indie-Folk band can be, Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards add a lightness and Pop sensibility on their upcoming album, 'Bitter Better', due to be released on Friday 17th July on Compass Records, of which their song 'Typhoon' is today's Video Of The Day, filmed and recorded before the pandemic in Laura's adopted home of Ghent, Belgium. A stunning lesson in all the ways string instruments can be played – bowed, plucked, percussively - combined with lush vocal harmonies, 'Bitter Better' showcases Cortese and multi-instrumentalist producer Sam Kassirer striving to capture the most adventurous approach to each moment. The result is an 11 track album that incorporates dance-worthy foundational grooves, synth and loops to push the boundaries of the genre.


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