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Big Wolf Band Be Free 13/6/19

'Be Free', due to be released on Thursday 27th June, is an exciting album that sees two well established artists on the Rock and Blues scene work together for the first time to create one powerhouse of an album. Big Wolf Band, led by Jonathan Earp, and Zoe Green of the Zoe Green Band, had planned to work together on a project for a few years now and Jon's second album 'Be Free' seemed the perfect opportunity. After recording the second cut 'Be Free', which became the title track, they all knew that Zoe would be singing every song on the album. After working so well in the studio together they decided to take it on the road and Big Wolf Band, featuring Zoe Green (today's Track Of The Day) was born! All songs on 'Be Free' are written by Jon and many are inspired by his own experience of life. This promises to be a unique collaboration between two major forces along with their talented band, Mick Jeynes (bass), Paul Brambani (keys) and Tim Jones (drums). They are already wowing audiences all over the country and have UK and European dates booked into 2020, with more to be announced.

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