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Big Town Out Today 24/7/20

Today heralds the release of Geoff Carne & The Raw Rox Band's ‘Big Town’ album, a ten-song collective, of which the second track on the album, 'Hold On', is today's Video Of The Day. This release not only follows on from the full studio production of Geoff Carne & The Hatz's 'Caught on the Outside', with its Tom Petty vibe, at the start of this year, but the single was also released prior to longstanding drummer Mick Hatz announcing his retirement in February. Since then vocalist/guitarist Carne has released three acoustic EP's, and to bring the versions to life, Geoff’s producer Paul Mex reached out to experienced session musicians, the Raw Rox Band, namely Jim Black – bass guitar, Zoki Jovanoski – drums, Bob Calvert – keyboards and Arby ‘Slash’ Rockman – lead guitar.


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