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Big River's Redemption 4/8/19

Hard Rock band Big River release their long awaited debut album titled ‘Redemption’ via Trouserphonic on Friday 16th August. The album will see the bands own collection of songs that they personally feel captures the personality of Big River. Recorded over a two year period at Ranscombe Studios in Rochester, Kent, under the guidance of producer Jim Riley, these songs show how diverse a band Big River can be, all the while remaining true to their signature sound. The band, consisting of Adam Bartholomew (vocals), Damo Fawsett (guitar), Ant Wellman (bass) and Joe Martin (drums), had written close to 30 songs for this album, however, only nine originally recorded songs remain, with a running time of just over half an hour. 'Redemption' is the sound of a band taking you on a journey through their innermost feelings; the lyrics are heartfelt and tell a story, the music is from deep down inside their souls. Three years of playing together on the live circuit has given the band their own identity playing honest, no frills, Hard Rock music.

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