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Big Boy Bloater's Black Heart 19/9/18

"This big fella has some fine chops, as well as a history of session guitar playing in his bag of tricks, that showcases why he is a regular at festivals as well as across the gamut of Blues playing radio stations. Currently touring his new album ‘Pills’, Bloater had also performed a small acoustic set to the VIP tent the previous day which raised a number of smiles. Dedicating his song ‘The Saturday Night Desperation Shuffle’ to all the ugly ones in the audience, he endeared himself to all. It’s nice when you are made to feel special." That was part of our take on Big Boy Bloater & The LiMiTsRamblin' Man Fair set in July, and as part of his current 'Pills' tour - the big man stops off at Camden's The Black Heart in London tonight.

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