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Big Boy Bloater 100 Club Gig Tonight 19/3/17

"It’s not actually ‘Rocket Surgery’ is it? Well actually it was as BBB&LT’s delved back to their first album with this fast mover plus also ‘Sweet & Brown’ – the guys getting up a full head of steam by now as – “Hallelujah” – we were welcomed to “The Church Of Big Boy Bloater” – cue the gospel interaction with the Bloater congregation. “You guys are good” being Preacher Bloater’s response. The 100 Club was now rockin’ and yes we were ‘Insanely Happy’ bopping away to this track again from ‘The World Explained’. And the day after Eurovision 2016 – even if the intro to ‘Big Fat Trap’ sounded a little bit like Abba’s ‘Ring Ring’ – Bloater went on to prove he is the “King Of Twang” on this belter from BBB&TL’s debut album."

That was part of AJ's Big Boy Bloater and The LiMiTs (Track Of The Day) 100 Club gig review from May last year and the guys return to the iconic venue in London's Oxford Street tonight!

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