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Better The Devil You Know! 13 May 2015

"You are transported back to the late 60's early 70's with songs that have more than a passing resemblance to Cream, The Doors and The Spencer Davis Group. Those influences added to the Joe Cocker vocals and you have a band that are more than just watchable as borne out by the very appreciative crowd who roared out for more even after an hour set. Normally an hour set by a support band would be drowned out by incessant chatter - not with these guys." Praise indeed - part of Wrinkly's Pearl Handled Revolver review when we saw them (pictured) support Slim Chance at The Borderline sixteen months ago. Anyway we're pleased to report that their third album is taking shape 'If The Devil Cast His Net' soon to be released worldwide in CD, MP3 and vinyl formats! Anyway click here to see a vid of the seminal track from the album - 'Absinthe In Adelaide'.

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