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Better Safe Than Sober 23/2/17

This coming March sees the release of London Doom Pop group Courtesans stunning new E.P. 'Better Safe Than Sober'. Following the release of their acclaimed debut album '1917' and last year's successful Pledge Music campaign, they have also unveiled their new single 'Mesmerise' which is today's Vid Of The Day. Blending dark Pop smarts with industrial subtleties and combined with an Alternative Rock, trip-hop soundscape - the band's new E.P., consisting of Courtesans Sinead La Bella on vocals, Saffire Sanchez on guitar, Agnes D. Jones on bass and Vikki Frances on drums - is one of the first unique sonic amalgamations to be heard in 2017 that shake up establishments, break down walls and fearlessly dare to be different amongst a plethora of carbon copy carnage.

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