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Best Of Heavy Pettin 19/10/20

Hard rocking Heavy Pettin release their 'Best Of' album on Friday 27th November, via Burnt Out Wreckords/Cherry Red, a collection of 14 tracks chosen from their three albums re-released in November last year. The songs reflect Heavy Pettin at their best, including their singles that charted: ‘Love Times Love’, ‘In And Out of Love’ and ‘Rock Me’. Named after UFO's 1976 studio album, the Glasgow band was formed in1981 when guitarist Gordon Bonnar, drummer Gary Moat, bassist Brian Waugh, vocalist Steve 'Hamie' Hayman and lead guitarist Punky Mendoza joined forces to give the biggest and best Rock bands at the time a serious run for their money. Moat went on to front his own band, Burnt Out Wreck, and has two records out in his own right.

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