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Best Of 2023 Special 3/1/24

In this end of year special, today's latest The Zach Moonshine Show Podcast Of The Day also includes a chat with Carl Webb from Webb Of Deceit, as well as featuring music from Backbone, Eiriel, Honoris Causa, Thronehammer, Inhuman Condition, Traitor, Bloodshot, Antania, Tribe Of Pazuzu, Category VI (pictured), Mansion, Gravehuffer, Helms Deep, Macabre Demise, The Convalescence, Sarah Halter, Lenax, Ancestral Blood, Paracrona, Smoulder, Chief City, Never Reborn, Gravethorn, Embr, Cryophilic, Gut Ripper, Eaten By Sharks, Crazy Mad Ride, White City Graves, Colony Drop, Gosforth, Plague Bearer, Medicine Horse, Krigsgrav, Serpents Oath, The Band Repent, Spillage, Cloak and Fires in the Distance.

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